Welcome to Cavalli Business Group

Who we are

DELUXE RESIDENCES (DRL) is a member of Cavalli Business & Investment Group. It is an urban real estate development, investment and management firm that focuses on luxury residential apartments. At present, DRL portfolio includes small apartment buildings, high-rise residential apartments, terraces/semi-detached homes, amongst others, on the Ikoyi-Victoria Island-Lekki axis of Lagos as well as high-end locations of major cities across the globe.

Our vision

To be the pacesetter in real estate services by exceeding customer expectations.

Core Values

We serve on the following core values: which stands for “SIGHT.”

Our mission

To build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities through affordable luxury homes creation.


As an urban developer, Deluxe Residences is built on the principle of commitment to client satisfaction. Our products/homes/residences are timeless; built with materials of the highest quality and delivered to the highest industry standards. Our homes personify comfort and luxury.

We build high-rise serviced apartments; mixed-use developments; luxury residential apartments; terraces; fully & semi-detached duplexes; mansions; and self-styled bungalows from start to finish – aesthetic finishing and makeover included. Our apartments offer many sought-after amenities, both inside and outside the building. Each residence points to a high taste of luxury. 

Our brand is summarized in our vision for new heights in luxury living and our passion for excellence.  From our opulent designs, impeccable taste for quality, selection of a talented team of professionals, we keep our promise by making sure every detail is flawless.

We go beyond building and selling luxury homes to offering a lifetime of rich experiences. We are measured by our sustainable business value that we offer all stakeholders and the experiences we provide to our clients.

The Orchard, Oniru

made up of two blocks of two wings each of eighteen units of three-bedroom en-suite apartments.

The Orchard, Lekki

made up of sixteen units of four (4) bedroom semi- detached triplexes with inbuilt maid’s room.

The Grand Orchard, Oniru

made up of two blocks of eighteen units of three-bedroom apartments.

The Vogue, Oniru

made up of six floors of tow wings of ten units of three-bedroom en-suite apartments.

The Avant Apartments, Ikoyi

is a collection of eight units of three-bedroom luxury residences

Simeon’s Court, Oniru

made up two blocks of 18 en-suite bedroom apartments and a pent apartment, which has 4 en-suite bedrooms and a maid’s room.

Elite Apartments, Ikoyi

is made up of 12units of 3bedroom en-suite apartments and a 4bedroom at the pent floor.

Pacific Heights, Oniru

made up of seven floors of two wings of twelve units of three-bedroom en-suite apartments

The Empire Series

The Vogue Apartments – made up of eleven floors of three blocks of eighty units of one-bedroom apartments.

The Empire Series

The Royale Apartments – made up of eight floors of four blocks of fifty-six units of three-bedroom en-suite apartments.

The Residences

offers comfortable and roomy living spaces; it is made up of 4 fully serviced apartment blocks of 3bedroom en-suite apartments and attached en-suite maid’s room.