About Us

About Us




Cavalli Group (CG) is a holding Company for different sub-corporations, with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities. Its major sectors of operation are Real Estate, General Advisory, Facility Management, Construction, Infrastructure and Energy. CG invests in and builds portfolios of sustainable businesses driven by proven business investment methodologies. As the holding Company, CG prides itself in its strength to foresee and seize opportunities and manage risks in order to maximize steady and reliable stream of income as well as maximum returns for investors.


To be a well integrated and globally trusted holding company by building market leading industries that create100% quality commitment and value to all stakeholders.


To create and sustain industry-dominant businesses in order to generate real growth in shareholder value and contribute to social/economic development of its countries of operation as well as cement its position as one of the world’s foremost best value providers.


CG remains committed to integrity and fairness in all dealings with our stakeholders. We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are guided by the values that are essential to us; these values guide us in who we are and what we do.


CG is resolute in promoting collaborative partnerships with itssubsidiaries and sees itself as an integral extension of the respective businesses.

CG encourages creativity and ingenuity in its processes, systems, products and services while striving to be a leader in all that it does with the ultimate goal of providing consumers with products and services of best industry standards and exceeding expectations.

At CG, all our business dealings are done with utmost transparency and openness, while maintaining good corporate governance and high standards of ethical practices.

At CG excellence and professionalism is our watch word. Our vision is to set the bar for quality products and services of global standard.

At CG, we stand out among the pack employing unique strategies and innovation.

We always strive for excellence in all we do to ensure outstanding quality and best customer value.



We Think Elegance & Strength

CAVALLI BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT GROUP HAS A VISION FOR A TRULY MAGNIFICENT & SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. THIS IS WHERE WE’RE GOING—AND WHY WE MUST SUCCEED. The Group is unified by its commitment to deliver enriching and memorable experiences for customers and stakeholders.

World-class is not about five stars, red carpets or network size, but about performing impeccably every single day. This is what we represent, at the same time our vision seeks to turn the Group into the best choice for investors, who wish to grow with us, with a global flexible proposition and unique solutions. The Company wants to offer its investors the best investment opportunities that deliver optimum results in all our business segments.