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Why you deserve to live at the Vantage Bourdillon

Lagos is regarded as the commercial capital of Nigeria where millions of people commute and work daily to keep the economy afloat. The city of Lagos is one bustling and hustling place where majority of Nigeria’s corporate, private and regional government deals are executed round the clock. This great deal of hard work, tenacity and […]

Allure of the Waterfront you won’t dare to miss

The Waterfront: Deluxe Residences introduces The Waterfront, a luxury real estate project located in Oniru, Victoria Island, Nigeria. It offers one- and three-bedroom residential properties with stunning views of the Lagos coastline. Ultra-Luxury Living: The Waterfront provides opulent living spaces for residents and visitors. The one-bedroom apartments offer meticulous attention to detail, while the three-bedroom […]

Cavalli Group’s Remarkable Contributions to Infrastructural Development in Nigeria

In Nigeria, infrastructural development is the backbone of economic growth, enabling businesses to thrive, communities to flourish, and individuals to lead better lives. At Cavalli Business & Investment Group, we take immense pride as one of the major contributors to Nigeria’s infrastructural development. With a diverse portfolio of corporations under our umbrella, we have been instrumental […]